Stryker 1588AIM HD Tower

Summary of the Stryker AIM 1588 Platform

Introduction to the AIM 1588 Platform

The Stryker AIM 1588 platform has been specifically engineered to enhance the visualization of critical anatomy during minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures. It incorporates unique and advanced imaging modalities that allow exceptional visualization using infrared and near-infrared wavelengths.

Design Goals

  • Standardization: Aids in standardizing surgical procedures across multiple specialties, offering optimal visualization.
  • Customized Control: The AIM 1588 camera system is designed to provide personalized control over surgical devices in the operating room, improving workflow and efficiency.

Optimized Workflow

  • SDC3 Technology: Enables each surgeon to create a customized operating room environment, while ensuring a uniform and efficient surgical experience.





Advanced Imaging Modalities

The platform includes three advanced imaging modalities: IRIS, ENV, and Clarity, each with specific functionalities designed to improve patient outcomes in general surgery.

  1. IRIS:
    • Aimed at reducing the risk of ureteral damage.
    • Activates the transillumination of ureters with an infrared light fiber through the L10 light source.
  2. ENV:
    • Enhances the real-time visualization of anatomy during minimally invasive surgery.
    • Provides an improved visual assessment of blood flow, tissue perfusion, and biliary ducts using fluorescent light when ENV mode is activated.
    • Utilizes a fluorescent green indocyanine green (ICG) dye for visualization.
  3. Clarity:
    • Real-time video enhancement device designed to improve visualization by increasing clarity, contrast, and detail.
    • Military-grade technology allows surgeons to see through smoke and suboptimal conditions, enhancing image quality by up to 48.7%.


The Stryker AIM 1588 platform offers a standardized high-definition solution designed to enhance patient outcomes by improving surgical visualization. With its advanced imaging modalities and customization capabilities, the platform stands as an essential tool for general and specialized surgery.

1. Stryker 1588 AIM Camera Head with Integrated Coupler
2. Stryker L10 LED Light Source
3. Stryker 5.0 mm x 10 ft Clear-Case Safelight Fiberoptic Light Cable
4. Stryker SDC3™ HD Image Management System (1) Medical Grade Universal Power Cable (1) USB Cable (2) Remote Cables
5. Stryker 26″ VisionPro Synk Wireless LED Display-with Power Supply
6. Stryker 1588 AIM Camera Control Unit
7. Stryker 45 Liter Pneumosure XL Insufflator
8. Stryker standart video cart (optional does not include)