About Us

Top Medical Group

We are a company that provides medical equipment of the most recognized brands in the United States and the world. Our goal is to reach all our customers with the best quality, price, warranty and good service. We dispose and offer the best products on the market to meet the needs of our customers.


We are a company created with the purpose of providing medical and hospital equipment and thus provide the appropriate logistics service through an excellent management experience and adequate advice from our biomedical so that we can provide the required equipment to the country desired by our valued customers.

We work hand in hand with the best companies DEVELOPERS of innovations in the area of medical equipment (Direct Importers).

We have the best trained personnel, specialized in the diverse  equipment we distribute through our service network.

We provide the best support to our customers including excellent after-sales service.

Specialists in intelligent analysis of consumption patterns and results in order to help you in your buying and selling processes.

We innovate in our Customer Service schemes, projected in function of the world innovations and the support that our business partners give us.