BerchTold Operon B 810


Price: $4,500
Promotion validity: Until June 15

Introducing the Berchtold Operon B 810 Surgical Table We are pleased to present the Berchtold Operon B 810 surgical table, specifically designed for use in surgical environments where precise control and patient positioning are critical. This advanced model combines cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design to facilitate medical procedures and improve accessibility to the patient.

Key Features of the Berchtold Operon B 810

  • Advanced Remote Control: The table features a comprehensive remote control system that allows for precise adjustments and efficient handling during operations.
  • Carbon Fiber Structure: The table’s surface, made of carbon fiber, is not only robust but also optimizes imaging characteristics due to its low density.
  • Sliding and Flexibility: The design includes a longitudinal slide of 305 mm (12 inches) that extends positioning options without compromising patient safety.
  • High Load Capacity: It can lift and articulate patients up to 275 kg (600 lbs), in both normal and reverse orientation, providing versatility without sacrificing comfort or safety.

Accessories and Adaptability The OPERON B 810 model adapts to a wide range of surgical procedures thanks to its complete line of customizable accessories. This versatility ensures that the table can be configured to meet the specific requirements of each surgical operation.

Design Advantages

  • Optimal Patient Access: Its compact design and table configuration facilitate access by medical staff and the placement of necessary equipment around the patient.
  • Integrated X-Ray Cassette Channel: This channel allows seamless integration with imaging systems, enhancing the clarity and quality of images obtained during procedures.



  • Length 76 inches (1930 mm)
  • Width 21 inches (533 mm); excluding the side rails.
  • Weight Approximately 715 lbs. (325 kg)
  • Height 28 to 48 inches (711 mm to 1219 mm)
  • Head Section 9” X 21”
  • Back Section 20.0” X 21”
  • Seat Section 20.5” X 21”
  • Kidney Elevator 3” X 21”
  • Leg Section 18.5” X 21”

Environmental and Storage Requirements

  • Ambient temperature range of 50 to 100° F (10 to 38° C), relative humidity range of 10% to 95%, at altitudes from sea level to 8000 ft.
  • Transport and Storage Ambient temperature range of –30 to +150° F (-34 to 66° C)
  • relative humidity range of 0% to 95% at altitudes from sea level to 50,000 ft.

Range of Motion

  • Trendelenburg Up to 30°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg Up to 30°
  • Lateral Tilt Up to 20° right or left
  • Back Section From 45° below horizontal to 80° above horizontal
  • Kidney Elevator Extendable up to 3 inches (76 mm)
  • Leg Section From 2° above horizontal to 105° below horizontal
  • Headrest Adjustable from 90° below horizontal to 90° above
  • horizontal in 15° increments
  • Longitudinal Slide 12 inches (305mm) total
  • Flex 225°
  • Chair Leg Section 105°, Back Section 80° relative to the Seat
  • Section, which may be up to 30° in the Trendelenburg position.
  • General Purpose, Mobile Surgical Table with back-lit hand control.
  • C-arm Compatible: 21″ wide Carbon Fiber table top, less X-ray attenuation allows improved image clarity with greater coverage and support/positioning for larger patients.
  • 600 Ibs lift and articulation capacity in both normal and reverse orientation.
  • 12″ Longitudinal Top Slide: provides superior C-arm coverage and surgical team access.
  • X-Ray Cassette Channel: Eliminates x-ray tops, maximizes patient safety and user convenience.
  • Self Compensating Floor Locks: Levels itself on uneven floors for a rigid working surface.
  • Power Kidney Elevator.
  • One-Touch Beach Chair Positioning

Advanced Features of Our 21″ x 76″ Surgical Table

Overview Our surgical table, measuring 21 inches by 76 inches, is designed to provide comprehensive coverage and optimal support during procedures involving larger patients. This table combines advanced functionality and flexibility to enhance the surgical experience for both medical teams and patients.

Capacity and Positioning

  • Wide Articulation Range: The table offers a generous vertical articulation range from 28 to 48 inches, facilitating excellent surgical access for a wide variety of medical procedures.
  • Detachable Leg Section: Equipped with a detachable leg section that enhances exposure at the surgical site. This feature is particularly beneficial for procedures requiring specific positioning, such as arthroscopy and lithotomy.

Specialized Functionalities

  • Power Kidney Elevator: This feature adds additional elevation, significantly improving access during procedures that require greater exposure in the kidney area.
  • Power Flex: With the touch of a button, this function allows the table to be positioned in a full 225-degree flexion, providing superior lateral access during complex surgical interventions.