Stryker tower – 1488

Overview of Stryker 1488 HD Video System

Visionary Technology for Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Stryker 1488 HD Camera System represents the pinnacle of over 30 years of innovation in surgical visualization technology. It integrates advanced CMOS technology and premium optics to provide unparalleled clarity and precision across multiple surgical specialties, enhancing patient outcomes.

Key Components of the 1488 HD System

  • 1488 HD Camera System: Includes Standard, Integrated, and Pendulum/Urology Camera Heads along with the Ideal Eyes HD Optical Zoom Coupler.
  • L9000 LED Light Source: Revolutionary LED technology dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership while enhancing patient safety due to its long bulb life and reduced heat production.
  • SDC3 Data Management Device: A comprehensive solution for operating theatre data management, enabling HD recording, customized surgical timeouts, and seamless integration with hospital networks.
  • VisionPro LED Display: A 26-inch surgical display designed to optimize surgical images, increasing brightness and contrast for better clarity across all surgical procedures.


Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance

  • Cross-Specialty Standardization: Nine dedicated surgical settings allow for ideal use across various specialties, standardizing equipment needs and optimizing visual performance.
  • Surgeon Control and Customization: Surgeons can customize the surgical view with four programmable camera head buttons and expanded color control options. The system also includes a touchscreen interface for simple control.
  • Integrated High-Definition Solution: The system’s 1920x1080p HD resolution and CMOS 3-chip technology deliver crisp, clear images even under low light conditions, reducing noise and enhancing detail.

Advantages of the SDC3 Information Management System

  • Dual-Channel HD Recording: Captures and records high-definition video from multiple sources simultaneously, essential for teaching and complex procedures.
  • Customizable User Profiles: Surgeons can tailor device settings to their preferences, improving efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Scalable Software Upgrades: Includes options for voice control, device control, and DICOM compatibility for comprehensive integration with hospital systems.

Commitment to Safety and Education

  • Safety Protocols: The system facilitates a customized surgical timeout visible on all monitors to enhance team coordination and patient safety.
  • Educational Support: The SDC3 system not only captures high-quality images and videos but also supports educational and teaching needs by allowing for easy annotation and sharing.

Stryker’s Legacy and Innovation

With a legacy of redefining the landscape of surgical technology, Stryker’s 1488 HD Camera System sets a new standard for minimally invasive procedures. It is designed not just as a piece of equipment but as a holistic solution that integrates seamlessly into the high-tech operating theatre, maximizes performance, and reduces costs.

1. Stryker 1488HD Camera Head with Integrated Coupler

2. Stryker L9000 LED Light Source

3. Stryker 5.0 mm x 10 ft Clear-Case Safelight Fiberoptic Light Cable

4. Stryker SDC3™ HD Image Management System (1) Medical Grade Universal Power Cable (1) USB Cable (2) Remote Cables

5. Stryker 26″ WiSe™ HDTV Flat Panel Monitor

6. Stryker 1488HD Camera Control Unit

7. Stryker 45 Liter Pneumosure XL Insufflator

8. Stryker standard video cart (OPTIONAL)