Olympus Exera II CV180 complete Tower system

  1. Imaging Capabilities
    • Equipped with high-resolution HDTV and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) capabilities to provide the best possible image quality for endoscopes and laparoscopes, enhancing the observation of capillaries and mucosal tissues.
  2. Compatibility
    • Compatible with EVIS 100/130/140 Series and EVIS EXERA 160 Series endoscopes, in addition to EVIS EXERA II 180 Series models, bronchoscopes, and surgical endoscopes including EndoEYE videoscopes, flexible VISERA videoscopes, and VISERA 1CCD/OTV-SP1 3CCD camera heads.
  3. Image Enhancement
    • NBI enhances the visibility of capillaries and other structures on the mucosal surface (for GI use only).
    • Two types of structural enhancement available: the original Type A for the observation of larger mucosal structures with high contrast, and the new Type B for the observation of smaller structures like capillaries.
  4. Electronic Magnification
    • Electronically enlarges moving images with the touch of a button on the scope or on the keyboard by 1.2X or 1.5X.
  5. Image Transfer
    • HD/SD SDI output for high-quality video image transfer.


  1. Digital Recording
    • Convenient digital-to-digital recording of both still and moving images. Still images are stored on xD cards via the PC card adapter, and moving images on digital video recorders via IEEE 1394 (DV interface) using remote control switches.
  2. Automatic Functions and Display
    • Automatic Iris eliminates the need for manual switching between Peak and Average settings.
    • Picture-in-picture (PiP) display allows for any combination of endoscopic, fluoroscopic, ultrasound, laparoscopic images, and images from the endoscope position-detecting unit.
    • Convenient index display for documentation purposes.
    • Scope ID function simplifies endoscopy suite management and aids in future system expansion.
  3. Settings and Control
    • White balance adjustment, color tone adjustment, and Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for contrast.
    • Selection of iris mode and image enhancement settings with the option to change image size.
    • Image freeze capability with remote control and advanced patient data registration.
  4. Output and Memorization
    • Output can be selected between RGB or YPbPr. Simultaneous output of VBS composite (NTSC), Y/C, and RGB is possible.
    • Settings such as white balance, iris mode, enhancement, image size, and color tone are retained in memory even after the video system center is turned off.
  5. Safety and Power Supply
  • Classified as medical electrical equipment with type of protection against electric shock and protection against explosion.
  • Power supply voltage of 100-240 VAC (within ±10% fluctuation).
  1. Dimensions and Power Consumption
  • Equipment size: 382 (Width) x 91 (Height) x 490 (Depth) mm (Maximum).
  • Electrical power consumption of 150VA and weight of 10.5 kg.

Olympus CV-180 Processor

  • Media: XD-Picture Card (512/256/128/64/32/16 MB), specified by Olympus. MAPC-10 can be used as a PC card adapter
  • Recording Format: TIFF: no compression, SHQ: approx. 1/3, HQ: approx. 1/5, SQ: approx. 1/10
  • Number of Recordings: In 16 MB, NTSC/PAL, TIFF: approx. 17/14 images, SHQ: approx. 80/60 images, HQ: approx. 200/150 images
  • Signal Output: HDTV/SDTV

Olympus CVL-180 Lightsource

  • Light Source: 300-watt xenon lamp
  • Front Panel: Backlit
  • Filters: Specially coated filters for NBI (Narrow Band Imaging)
  • Visualization: Automatically adjusts the light intensity to achieve ideal illumination for observation

Olympus 180 Series Colonoscopes (Options)

  • Olympus CF-H180AL – High-Definition Video Colonoscope
  • Olympus CF-Q180L – Video Colonoscope
  • Olympus PCF-Q180AL – Video Pediatric Colonoscope

Olympus 180 Series Gastroscope (Options)

  • Olympus GIF-H180 – Video Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-N180 – Video Gastroscope
  • Olympus GIF-Q180 – Video Gastroscope

This is a base configuration that can be modified according to the client’s requirement:

  • CV-180 Video Processor with keyboard and pigtail
  • CLV-180 Xenon Light Source
  • GIF-Q 180 Gastroscope
  • PCF-Q180 Colonoscope
  • WN-NP1 Carriage Tower