Steris–Amsco 3085 SP

The Amsco 3085 SP General Surgical Table is available with ACT ENABLED electronic interface circuitry that works seamlessly with other technology in your state-of-the-art operating room. This system-agnostic integration technology enables seamless communication between virtually any vendor team. The Steris 3085 offers complete flexibility for patient positioning. The Steris 3085 is a general surgical table that can be used in a variety of procedures, including urology, neurology, pediatrics, bariatrics, ENT, endovascular, and even orthopedics, including skeletal traction, with accessories.

Automatic conversion features for reverse patient positioning, regardless of headrest location, means commands are automatically interpreted according to the selected orientation.
The Bieri hydraulic system provides ultra-precise tabletop articulation for specialties such as urology and neurology. Table movement is smooth and precise throughout the range of positions.
With the addition of the orthopedic extension, the Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table attracts traction and provides positioning flexibility for hip and lower extremity orthopedic procedures.
The T-shaped pedestal design and reverse orientation provide optimal patient access for the entire surgical team, regardless of the procedure.


Table top length: 76 inches (193 cm)
Table top width: 20″ (51 cm)
Table Height Range (min/max): 27′ (69 cm) / 45″ (114 cm)
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 25°
Lateral tilt (left and right): 18°
Patient Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs. (454 kg)

Hand control functions
Normal/reverse orientation button.
Back to level button.

Table Movements

Trendelenburg / Reverse: 25° / 25°.
Lateral tilt (left/right): 18° / 18°.
Head section: +90° to -90°.
Rear section:
+55° to -25° (typ.)
+80° to -105° (reverse).
Leg section:
+80° to -105° (typical).
+55° to -25° (reverse).
Upper Body Imaging Area
Normal orientation (28” x 16”): 448 square inches (2890 cm2).
Normal orientation with IA extender (36” x 16”): 576 sq. in. (3716 cm2).
Reverse Orientation, Reversed Head Section (45” x 16”): 720 sq. in. (4645 cm2).
36” Reverse Facing Carbon Fiber Fluoro Extension (36” x 20”): 720 sq. in. (4645 cm2).
Lower Body Imaging Area
Normal orientation (33” x 14”): 462 square inches (2980 cm2).
Normal orientation, inverted head section (45” x 16”): 720 sq. in. (4645 cm2).
Normal orientation, 36” (36” x 20”) carbon fiber fluoro extension: 720 sq. in. (4645 cm2).
Normal Orientation with Fem/Pop Backboard (55” x 16”): 880 sq. in. (5678 cm2).