Philips MP 30 IntelliVue

Condicion: Usado Certificado

Philips Intellivue MP30 Patient Monitor

1. General Overview and Usage Context

  • Purpose and Versatility: The Philips Intellivue MP30 is designed to meet critical information needs at the patient’s bedside across various hospital settings. It is particularly well-suited for intermediate care, ambulatory surgery, special procedures, post-operative care, lower acuity environments, and patient transport within the hospital.
  • User-Centric Design: This monitor features a configurable display that adapts to the specific needs of each department, allowing for adjustments to protocols and specific procedure requirements, thus ensuring personalized and precise care.


2. Technical Features and Monitoring Capabilities

  • Network Connectivity and Integration: Operable on a networked platform via both wired and wireless connections, facilitating integration into existing hospital systems and enhancing communication among medical devices.
  • Advanced Monitoring Functions: Includes a Multi-Measurement Server and extensions that provide top-tier clinical measurements such as conventional diagnostic 12-lead ECG, capnography, both non-invasive and invasive blood pressure, respiration, cardiac output, temperature, BIS, and FAST-SpO2. These features make it an exceptionally useful device for continuous and comprehensive patient monitoring.

3. Interface and Design

  • Clear Display Screen: Equipped with a 10.4-inch color SVGA display that can show up to four waveforms simultaneously, providing visual clarity from any angle and allowing medical professionals to quickly and effectively read critical patient data.
  • Portability and Durability: With a lightweight design of only 13 lbs and a robust housing, the monitor is easy to transport. This is essential for use across different hospital areas and particularly valuable in emergency situations or when moving patients between departments.

4. Operability and Autonomy

  • Touchscreen Functionality and Navigation: The touchscreen interface simplifies monitor operation, allowing medical staff to execute commands quickly through simple touch gestures. Moreover, the Navigation Point design facilitates easy information entry and on-screen navigation, optimizing workflow and reducing response times.
  • Battery Life: The battery lasts up to five hours under basic monitoring conditions and four hours under extended monitoring conditions, which is crucial for uninterrupted monitoring, especially in cases of patient transport or when immediate power sources are unavailable.

5. Enhanced Connectivity and Documentation Options

  • Connectivity Flexibility: The MP30 allows easy switching between wired and wireless connectivity, supporting seamless integration with other monitoring systems and medical devices within the hospital.
  • Documentation Options: An optional integrated recorder provides convenient documentation of patient data when needed. This is particularly useful for reviewing critical events or for maintaining detailed records in complex procedures.