Philips Viridia 24

HP/Philips Viridia 24 Monitors (Refurbished)

1. General Description

  • Model and Condition: These are refurbished HP/Philips Viridia 24 monitors, updated with the latest technology and conforming to international standards.
  • Source: Acquired from reliable suppliers, ensuring the quality and dependability of the monitors.

2. Features and Design

  • Size and Portability: The monitors feature a compact design, making them easy to transport. This is ideal for use across various clinical settings or for intra-facility transfers.
  • Alarms and Safety: Equipped with adjustable audible and visual alarms, these features enhance the responsiveness to critical patient conditions and increase overall device safety.

3. Availability and Options

  • Diverse Specifications: Available in various specifications, these monitors can meet specific clinical environment needs or user preferences.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing: Offered at competitive industry-leading prices, these refurbished monitors provide a cost-effective solution for medical facilities looking for quality without compromising on cost.