GE 5500 EKG

Condition: Certified Used

MAC 5500HD System: Innovation in Electrocardiography

Overview of the System The MAC 5500HD system blends technological sophistication with ease of use, offering an advanced solution in electrocardiography (ECG) accessible to a broad range of users. This equipment is specifically designed for advanced ECG applications and provides non-invasive testing solutions that maximize both patient performance and departmental productivity.

The MAC 5500HD system represents a significant advancement in electrocardiography technology, offering a combination of high-tech, customization, and security in a user-friendly design. It is ideal for hospitals and clinics looking to enhance their diagnostic capabilities while maintaining data efficiency and security.


  • Key Features and Functionalities
    • Advanced Algorithms: Incorporates cutting-edge algorithms for the analysis and interpretation of ECG, enhancing diagnostic accuracy.
    • Ease of Use: Its applications and user-friendly features streamline productivity and workflow, allowing users to operate the system effectively and efficiently.
    • Enhanced Connectivity: When integrated with the MUSE* Cardiology Information System, it facilitates rapid storage and retrieval of ECG data, improving medical information management.
    • Digital CAM-HD Acquisition Module: Helps to minimize noise and artifacts in ECG tracings, providing clearer and more accurate readings, and facilitating the detection of pacemaker spikes.
    • Wide-Angle Display: Offers clear viewing from any angle, improving user experience during data review.
    • ECG Analog Output: Enables easy integration with other cardiac diagnostic devices, such as echocardiography and nuclear medicine equipment.

    Customization and Comfort

    • Customization Options: Includes customizable display settings and final report formats, adapting to individual user preferences.
    • Stress Testing Functionality: Incorporates proven GE exercise testing technologies, optimizing signal acquisition and reducing interferences such as baseline wander and ST-segment distortion.
  • Security Protocols: Equipped with user-configurable password protection and other security mechanisms to protect patient data and comply with HIPAA regulations.

Ergonomic Design and Mobility

  • Cart Design: Features a practical holder for the acquisition module, a broad writing surface, and spacious compartments for organized and secure storage.
  • Compact and Mobile: The system’s compact design facilitates mobility, allowing easy movement within the medical facility.