Burdick – Atria 6100

  • The BURDICK® Atria® 6100 ECG is a straightforward yet sophisticated electrocardiogram (ECG) device, designed for use in hospitals, physician offices, and cardiology clinics.
  • It features a user-friendly interface and a clear color screen for easy waveform data reading.
  • Capable of displaying continuous 3-, 6-, and 12-lead data and storing up to 300 ECG records.
  • Allows for downloading patient information from electronic medical record (EMR/HIS) systems, reducing typing mistakes and eliminating the need for manual scanning and filing.


Primary Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Standard keyboard, dedicated function keys, and intuitive menu.
  • Connectivity: Standard Ethernet, compatible with wireless 802.11 and Bluetooth.
  • Convenience: A lightweight unit that fits into office space and stores up to 300 ECG records.
  • Pediatric Applications: Optional interpretation package for infants.
  • Efficiency: The AccuPrint feature ensures clear printouts by verifying proper lead wire connections.
  • Flexibility: Manual or automatic production of high-quality ECG printouts.
  • Confidence: Glasgow algorithm for accurate interpretations.
  • Longevity: Industry-leading warranty and service program.
  • Flexibility to expand or change the device according to office needs.
  • Optional inclusion of the University of Glasgow interpretation algorithm, which considers variables such as gender, age, race, medication, and classification.
  • Pediatric analysis tools for interpretations down to a one-day-old infant.
  • Advanced connectivity through Ethernet, wireless 802.11, and Bluetooth.
  • Bidirectional communications with HeartCentrix for downloading patient demographics and orders, performing tests, and uploading results to EMR.

Connectivity Solutions:

  • HeartCentrix and Pyramis offer connectivity with EMR/HIS systems or ECG data management systems.
  • Ability to move ECG data directly into an EMR/HIS with a single sign-on.
  • Data storage, power requirements, printout specifications, data acquisition, and more.
  • Designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Ordering Information:

  • Details on how to order standard or customized configurations.
  • List of available accessories and upgrades.