Drager Apollo Features

The Drager Apollo is an anesthesia machine that offers a high-speed piston ventilator built in the machine. The E-vent Plus Servo ventilator helps the anesthesia machine maximize the peak flow of ventilation and gases. At the same time the Drager Apollo also offers an integrated boating system that reduces wires and tube as well as reducing any accidental disconnection of the patient for the machine during critical times.

The Drager Apollo offers unique low-flow ventilation which can reduce the cost of inhalation anesthesia agents. Along with reducing the fresh gases flow from 3l a minute to 1l per minute. Unlike a bellowed ventilator the Apollo does not require drive gas.

  • User-friendly ergonomics. All functional elements are within easy reach of being seated or standing.
  • Unique breathing bag arm design provides the ultimate flexibility.
  • Simple straightforward startup makes it easier for the staff and provides complete information on device status. Integrated breathing system eliminates external hoses and clutter, reducing risk of misconnection and disconnection.
  • Fully automatic self-test lasts approximately three minutes, reflects the results to the user, and makes results available at any time.
  • Advanced ventilation.
  • E-Vent plus servo-controlled high-speed piston ventilator works with great precision to supply a maximum peak flow far in excess of any bellows ventilator, resulting in the kind of performance previously only seen in the ICU.
  • The consistent use of low-flow anesthesia techniques can significantly reduce the cost of inhalational anesthetic agents. Reducing the fresh gas flow from 3L/min to 1L/min can result in anesthetic agent savings of up to 50%.



  • Height: 59 in (150 cm)
  • Width: 33.5 in (85 cm)
  • Depth: 31.5 in (80 cm)
  • Weight: 365 lbs (165 kg) (Without vaporizer and gas cylinders)


  • Power: 200 W
  • Operating Voltage: 100 to 127 VAC (- 15 % + 10 %) 45 – 65 Hz
  • Integrated Power Backup: At least 30 min, typically 90 min; Depending on ventilation parameters

Anesthesia Gas Supply Module

  • Fresh Gas Flow, Delivery: 0 to min. 12 L/min per gas (O2, N2O, Air)
  • O2 Flush: > 35 L/min
  • External Fresh Gas Outlet: Optional
  • Vaporizer: Drager AutoExclusion, 2 vap., Drager AutoExclusion, 3 vap., Dräger Interlock, 2 vap., Selectatec, 2 vap

Ventilator Operating Specifications

  • Ventilator E-Vent plus: Electrically operated and electronically controlled
  • Operating modes:
    • Manual, spontaneous,
    • Volume mode (IPPV),
    • Pressure mode (PCV),
    • Optional: pressure support (PS)
    • Optional: Volume Auto Flow
    • Synchronized volume-controlled ventilation (SIMV), optionally with PS
    • Synchronized pressure-controlled ventilation (SIMV), optionally with PS
    • Synchronized volume-guaranteed ventilation volume AF, optionally with PS

Control Input Changes

  • Pressure Limitation PMAX (in volume mode): (PEEP+10) up to 70 cmH2O
  • Pressure Limitation PINSP (in pressure mode): (PEEP+5) up to 70 cmH2O
  • PEEP in Volume Mode: 0 – 20 cmH2O (max. PMAX-10 cmH2O)
  • PEEP in Pressure Mode: 0 – 20 cmH2O (max. PINSP-5 cmH2O)
  • Tidal Volume (in volume mode): 20 – 1400 mL 5 – 1400 mL (with advanced ventilation option)
  • Tidal Volume (in pressure mode): 5 – 1400 mL (deliverable with advanced ventilation option)
  • Trigger: Off, 0.3 – 15 L/min
  • Breathing Frequency: 3 – 100 per minute
  • Minimum Frequency: for apnea ventilation in PS mode Off, 3 – 20 per minute (with advanced ventilation option)
  • Breathing Time Ratio (I:E): max. 5:1
  • Inspiratory Time (TINSP): 0.2 – 6.7 s
  • Inspiratory Pause (TIP:TINSP): 0 – 60 %
  • Inspiratory Flow: max. 150 L/min
  • Inspiratory Ramp TSLOPE: 0.0 – 2 s (in pressure mode, pressure support and volume AF mode)
  • System Leak Tightness: < 150 ml/min at 30 cmH2O (automatic leakage test)
  • Integrated Safety Functions: Sensitive ORC function: minimum oxygen supply of 21 vol.% O2 or 200 ml/min in mixtures with nitrous oxide (N2O)

Ventilator Monitoring

  • Monitoring: Minute volume (MV) and tidal volume (VT); breathing frequency, peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean airway pressure, PEEP; patient compliance CPAT; the following measurement variables/parameters can be displayed as a graph: airway pressure, inspiratory and expiratory flow; bar graph for expiratory minute volume and tidal volume; display of graphic trends; numerical list of measurement values; auto-set for alarm limits.

Gas Monitoring

  • Monitoring: Inspiratory and expiratory concentration of O2, N2O, CO2 and volatile anesthetics (Halothane, Enflurane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane); the following measurement variables/parameters can be displayed as a graph: concentration of CO2, O2, and volatile anesthetic agents, virtual flow tubes for fresh gas flow.
  • Control Screen: 12.1 in. full color TFT display

Breathing System

  • Heated breathing system Yes
  • Filling Volume Absorber 1.5 L with reusable absorber canister; 1.3 L with CLIC Absorber 800+; 1.2 L CLIC Absorber Drägersorb Free

Gas Supply Connection

  • Gas Supply: O2, N2O, Air
  • Cylinder Supply O2, N2O, Air


  • Communication Interface: 2 x RS 232
  • Protocol: Medibus, Medibus X
  • Data Available for Export: All alarms, pressures, O2, CO2, volume and fresh gas flow data, ventilation settings, flow and pressure curve, anesthesia gases
  • Writing Surfaces: Writing plate
  • Additional Optional Accessories Anesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS), endotracheal suction unit

Intelligent Networkability

The Drager Apollo workstation enables all ventilation and gas-flow data to be collected and exported to an information management system, facilitating on-going documentation of the anesthesia process. The data link to the Infinity patient monitoring system provides significant benefits. Infinity has a different approach to patient monitoring, giving you continuous patient information from the ER or ICU prior to surgery and a continuous record for post-surgery follow up.

Improved Monitoring With the Apollo

Create your own custom-designed workplace by adding our Infinity patient monitoring system and peri-anesthesia information management system. Infinity’s Pick and Go transport solution not only offers seamless monitoring during transport, but its intelligent docking stations and clean cabling system also minimize transition times while helping optimize data continuity and patient care.