Transport Capsule for Covid 19

Transport capsule for infected patients

Transport CAPSULE (Containment and protection system that uses life support) is a Portable Patient Isolation Unit (PIU). It comprises a flexible casing that may be positively or negatively pressurized. Under positive pressure operation, it isolates and protects the patient during transport, thus mitigating the risk of exposing the patient to external contaminants and infectious agents. Under negative pressure operation, it contains and isolates an infected patient, thus minimizing the risk of cross-infection from the external population during transport. The PIU provides filtered, directional airflow for patient life support and has features that allow medical intervention of the patient through end-user supplied medical equipment. The main uses of the PIU are:
1.) Isolated transport of patients in airplanes, ambulances, ships, and any vehicle capable of safely transporting a patient in a standard litter
2.) Temporary isolation of patients within hospitals or other medical facilities.
It is a class II medical device for single regulatory use. It has been approved by the FDA for marketing in the US (510(k) K052798). It is covered by US and European patents.