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Hettich – Universal 32

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Hettich – Universal 32

The sedimentation of cells, bacteria and yeasts, of DNA, RNA and protein precipitates is workaday routine in basic research and R&D laboratories of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industry.

A centrifuge, therefore, sometimes needs to be «simply universal.»

Universal 32 means perfectly smooth running at both high and low speeds, versatile and easily exchangeable accessories and little footprint.

Universal 32 and 32R centrifuges are basic equipment in every laboratory.

In the low speed range (max. RCF 4,193) the Universal 32accommodates standard tubes up to a volume of 100 ml, microtitre plates, Falcon tubes, blood collection systems and cyto accessories.

Microlitre/microcentrifuge tubes can be accelerated to a max RCF of 23,907.

Centrifuge tubes of higher volumes (up to 85 ml) also profit from the extraordinary motor power of the Universal 32: At an RCF of 9,418 with 50ml conical disposable labware, bacteria and yeasts sediment fast and easily

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