“AGFA CR 35-X – A Walsh Imaging”

1. Introduction and Product Description

The AGFA CR 35-X digitizer is a versatile and efficient computed radiography (CR) system, ideal for decentralized clinical applications. It easily integrates into locations with existing centralized CR systems, enhancing diagnostic capabilities without requiring significant new infrastructure investments.

2. Applications and Usability

  • Clinical Applications:
    • General Radiography: Suitable for general radiographic image capturing.
    • Orthopedics and Extremities: Particularly useful for detailed imaging of extremities.
    • Dental: Adapted for dental applications requiring high precision.
    • Pediatrics: Safe for pediatric patients, with settings adjusted to minimize radiation exposure.
  • Ease of Use:
    • Its compact design allows for easy installation in various spaces, requiring only a standard electrical outlet.
    • It can optionally be equipped with universal X-ray shielding for safe use directly in the X-ray room.


3. Technical and Operational Features

  • Image Resolution:
    • Resolution Modes: Offers three resolution modes—6, 10, and 20 pixels per millimeter—allowing for image quality adjustment according to clinical needs.
    • Plate Sizes: Supports various plate and cassette sizes, maximizing applicability in different radiographic studies.
  • Dimensions and Weight:
    • The unit weighs approximately 270 kg with specific dimensions that facilitate integration into compact spaces without compromising functionality.
  • Power Specifications and Energy Consumption:
    • Adapts to different voltages and electrical frequencies, ensuring operation in various countries.
    • Energy efficiency is maintained with moderate consumption in standby mode and controlled maximum during active operation.

4. Ergonomics and Modular Design

  • CR User Station:
    • Modular design that includes cassette identification functions and appropriate spaces for cassette storage, monitors, network switches, and UPS systems.
    • Facilitates image handling, processing, and dispatching, optimizing workflows in radiology departments.

5. Regulations and Approvals:

    • Meets multiple international safety standards, including specific EU and US regulations for medical devices.
    • Safety approvals from recognized entities like TÜV, UL, cUL, and CE.
  • Operational Environmental Conditions:
    • The device operates optimally within a specific range of temperature and humidity, with clear limitations regarding magnetic fields and environmental noise.

6. Additional Information

  • Manufacturer and Copyright:
    • AGFA HealthCare, part of AGFA-GEVAERT N.V., is the manufacturer and copyright holder of the document, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information provided about the CR 35-X.