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Stryker 1588AIM HD Tower

Stryker 1588AIM HD Tower

The 1588 AIM platform was designed for visualisation of critical anatomy in MIS cases, with unique advanced imaging modalities that allow for visualisation in near infrared, and infrared wavelengths.
Designed to help standardize:
Designed for optimal visualisation across multiple surgical specialties. The 1588 AIM Camera System in designed to give you customised control over surgical devices in the operating room.
Optimal Workflow:
SDC3 technology allows each surgeon to create a customised operating room enviroment, while providing a consistent and efficient experience
See and do more in general surgery
The 1588 AIM platform consists of three imaging modalities in IRIS, ENV and Clarity with 9 dedicated surgical camera specialty settings. The 1588 AIM platform delivers a high definition, standardised solution, designed to improve patient results.
• Visualisation technology designed
to reduce the risk of ureteral damage
• Activation of IRIS on the L10 light source transilluminates the ureters with an infrared lighted fiber
• Enhances visualisation of anatomy in real-time during minimally invasive surgery
• Provides an enhanced visual assessment of blood flow, tissue perfusion, and biliary
ducts using fluorescent light when ENV mode is activated
• Used with a fluorescent indocyanine green (ICG) dye
• Real-time video enhancement device designed to improve visualisation by increasing clarity, contrast, and detail
• Military-grade technology helps surgeons see through smoke and suboptimal conditions with improved image quality of up to 48%7


Tower includes:

1. Stryker 1588 AIM Camera Head with Integrated Coupler
2. Stryker L10 LED Light Source
3. Stryker 5.0 mm x 10 ft Clear-Case Safelight Fiberoptic Light Cable
4. Stryker SDC3™ HD Image Management System (1) Medical Grade Universal Power Cable (1) USB Cable (2) Remote Cables
5. Stryker 26″ VisionPro Synk Wireless LED Display-No Power Supply
6. Stryker 1588 AIM Camera Control Unit
7. Stryker 45 Liter Pneumosure XL Insufflator
8. Stryker standard video cart (OPTIONAL)

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