Siemens – Mammomat Novation

Siemens – Mammomat Novation

Mammography line pair phantom (2-10 lp/mm) • 3 x 20 mm plexi (PMMA) phantom (10×10 cm) • Test phantom (RMI m odel 156 or Nuclear Associates m odel 18-220) • One collimator mounted plexi (4 cm thick) absorber • Three plexi (PM M A) absorbers, each with a thickness of 20 mm • Lint free non-woven cotton or gauze (100% cotton) • Water or lukewarm dilut ed aqueous solution of household dishwashing liquid • Luminance/Illumin a n c e meter • Densitometer • A non-invasive digital kV meter • Dose meter calibrated at the mammography X-ray beam energies • Film or CR cassette 24×30 cm or larger • Magnification table • Compression plate (set for a 1.5 magni ficati on) • Compression plate simulator* • 2 mm steel plate (FD object table si z e) • 2 mm thick steel bars (approx. 3 x 10 cm) • Six sheets of 99.9% pure aluminum • Four coins • Four paper clips • Timer • Rul er with a mm s cal e



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