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Olympus – UHI-3 insufflator

Olympus – UHI-3 insufflator

Clear interior space for clear-thinking procedures. When the UHI-3 is connected to the SonoSurg Ultrasonic Surgical System, mist evacuation begins simultaneously with ultrasonic output. Just press the foot switch (optional) of the SonoSurg generator and smoke and mist will be evacuated, so you can keep your clear view during surgery. Better views and more ergonomic reduces stress in the OR and improves the quality, safety and speed of each procedure



Powerful 35 L/min. Insufflations

  • The UHI-3 features a powerful 35 L/min. high flow gas-supply. It can quickly respond to gas leakages to return to the preset pressure level.

Automatic relief

  • When abdominal pressure becomes too high, a warning lamp and an alarm are activated, and a pinch valve on the suction tube opens automatically to release excess pressure.

3 Main Flow Settings

  • You can quickly set flow rate to programmed Low, Medium or High mode

Check Critical Data at a Glance

  • Actual and preset pressures are displayed simultaneously. You can easily monitor necessary information, while remaining focused on what you are doing.

Connectable to Medical Gas Pipeline

  • The UHI-3 unique pressure control mechanism let you connect it to your hospital medical gas pip

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