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Welch Allyn – Scale Tronics

The 4802 is designed for daily and serial weighing of neonates, infants and toddlers. It’s a heavy-duty, stainless steel, portable unit with a built-in digital readout. This scale is accurate enough to weigh neonates and has a large enough capacity for peds. The 4802 automatically returns to zero, allowing you to weigh a continuous stream of patients quickly and efficiently. A “Recall” feature retains the last weight reading. If the patient is removed from the scale and you forget the weight, simply press the “Recall” button. The previous weight is displayed, and a “Prior Weight” message blinks.

Since accurate weighing of active babies is difficult, many scales take an average between a high and low reading or lock-in a reading after an arbitrary length of time. Scale-Tronix systems display the actual weight so you will never medicate or treat an infant based on an inaccurate reading. In addition, the press of a button allows reweighing while the baby is still on the scale. An audible signal indicates when the patient’s weight is stored in memory. A printer is available (special order) to provide a paper-tape record of patient weights.