Vyaire – CareFusion Avea

The Vyaire CareFusion AVEA ventilator provides comprehensive critical care ventilation for the smallest patients from adulthood to children and adults with complex respiratory illnesses. The Vyaire AVEA ventilator provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation for all patient types, volumetric capnography and transpulmonary pressure monitoring, but also has the ability to bring clinicians and hospital management information to help better address challenges. clinical and operational in patient care.

The comprehensive viasy AVEA respirator ventilator has integrated BiCoreTM technology for advanced pulmonary monitoring. Front panel connection ports are provided for esophageal balloon catheters, tracheal catheters, and proximal low sensors. Heliox administration, Pflex, CPAPN and the unique scroll pump compressor come as standard features.

Automatic MIP/NIF, autopeep and slow flow maneuvers
Programmable oxygen boost
Artificial airway compensation
leak compensation
Wide range of modes and advanced features: • volumetric capnography
Precision Gas Delivery System
on board compressor
Three different serial communication protocols