Stryker – Serfas Energy

Product Description and Intended Use The Stryker SERFAS Energy System is a bipolar, radio-frequency (RF) electrosurgical system designed to deliver a high frequency output for use in arthroscopic and orthopedic procedures. The SERFAS Energy System consists of three main components: 1. The SERFAS Energy Generator 2. The disposable, single-use SERFAS Energy Probe 3. The SERFAS Energy Footswitch The SERFAS Energy Generator The SERFAS Energy Generator is the radio-frequency energy delivering unit, designed to deliver a high-frequency output to the treatment site to perform electrosurgical procedures. The front console panel features controls for adjusting the CUT mode power outputs and provides visual cues for CUT power levels, CUT and COAG activation, connection of Probe and Footswitch, and error code warnings. The rear console panel provides ports for connecting the SERFAS Energy Generator to other Stryker equipment, including Sidne™ and future Stryker firewire compatible devices. The features of the front and rear console panels are listed in Figures 1a and 1b. Figure 1a: The SERFAS Energy Generator, front panel 1. Power Switch: Powers the Generator on and off 2. Error Indicator: A red indicator will illuminate to indicate an error. (See error code on Cut Set Point Display Window for determining type of error) 3. Coagulation Activation Indicator: A blue indicator will illuminate when RF energy is delivered due to the COAG pedal/button being pressed 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 EN-8 4. Cut Activation Indicator: A yellow indicator will illuminate when RF energy is delivered due to the CUT pedal/button being pressed 5. Cut Set Point Display Window: Displays Cut power level setting and error codes 6. Cut Output Level Change: Increase or decrease the energy delivered during the Cut mode 7. Probe Indicator: Indicator will illuminate upon proper connection of Probe to Generator 8. Footswitch Indicator: Indicator will illuminate upon proper connection of Footswitch to Generator 9. Footswitch Connector: Connects to the SERFAS Energy Footswitch 10. Probe Connector: Connects to the SERFAS Energy Probes Figure 1b: The SERFAS Energy Generator, rear panel 11. Sidne Port: Connects to the Sidne Console to enable voice operation 12. Hand Control Switch: Users who prefer not to use the hand control feature may deactivate this functionality by switching the hand control switch to the Off position 13. Firewire Connectors (Refer to iSwitch Operating and Maintenance Manual P/N 1000-400-700 for instructions for operating the Wireless Universal Footswitch with the SERFAS Energy Generator and the appropriate manuals for other Firewire devices) 14. Speaker Volume Control 15. Fuse Panel 16. AC Power Inlet 17. Equipotential Ground Plug