Stryker 1688 AIM

Stryker’s 1688 AIM 4K platform is the first fluorescence imaging system designed
on the 4K platform. It’s all managed by the Connected OR Hub, giving you
Seamless connectivity to the images, data, and specialists you need.
Now your surgical teams can see in greater detail than ever before with superior image clarity,
more accurate color reproduction and improved light quality. And with 4K fluorescence,
we have pushed visualization beyond the limits of any previous technology

Brilliant Visualization

Designed from the ground up for seamless standardization and ease of use across multiple specialties, the 1688 AIM 4K Platform redefines surgical technology and patient care.

1688 AIM 4K Camera
Brilliant 4K resolution offers our surgeons crystal-clear images for improved visualization during surgery.

L11 light source and auto-light technology
The proprietary auto-light technology is designed toautomatically adjust based on anatomy to provide consistent lighting, enabling our surgeons to focus on the procedure at hand and nothing else.

4K surgical display
A 32” monitor optimizes color in advanced imaging modes to allow surgeons to seamlessly transition between modes.

This 50 liter insufflator is the first all-inclusive integrated heating, humidification, and smoke evacuation platform on the market. It provides consistently clear images through an inflow and outflow management system, designed for stability while actively evacuating smoke.

The 1688 AIM 4K Platform also supports SPY-PHI, a portable fluorescence imaging device that enables perfusion assessment in vessels and related tissue perfusion during plastic, microsurgical, reconstructive and gastrointestinal procedures. The ability to visualize blood flow during open surgery may also help our surgeons make critical decisions that can reduce the risk of complications related to poorly perfused tissue.1


The complete tower includes:

  1. 32” Stryker 4K Surgical Screen
  2. Stryker 1688AIM Camera Control Unit
  3. Stryker 1688AIM camera head with coupler
  4. Stryker L11 LED Light Source
  5. OR Hub Connected Recorder
  6. PneumoSure 45L Insufflator
  7. 5.0mm x 10ft Fiber Optic Light Cable
  8. Standard Stryker Video Cart NOT INCLUDED (OPTIONAL)