Stryker 1688 AIM 50% off



Price: $25,000
Promotion validity: Until June 15

Stryker’s 1688 4K Advanced Imaging Modalities (AIM) platform is a sophisticated imaging system designed for a wide range of surgical applications. It introduces cutting-edge visualization technologies that illuminate the surgical field with unprecedented clarity and precision, facilitating informed and accurate clinical decisions in various specialties.

This promotion includes:

1. 32” 4K monitor

2. Camera console 1688

3. Camera head 1688

4. Light L11


• 4K High Resolution Images: The platform has 4K resolution that offers bright, sharp images, crucial for detailed surgical procedures.

• L11 LED Light Source with AutoLight: Improves light control and reduces maintenance needs by providing consistent lighting that automatically adjusts, ensuring optimal visibility during surgical procedures.

Enhanced Display Technologies

• SPY Fluorescence Imaging: Uses Indocyanine Green (ICG) for fluorescence imaging, allowing surgeons to see beyond the visible spectrum to evaluate critical physiological details such as blood flow, tumor perfusion, and the detailed structure of tumors. blood and lymphatic vessels. This technology has been validated in more than 300 clinical studies to improve visualization and potentially decrease the incidence of complications related to poor perfusion.

• IRIS Technology (Intraoperative Real-time Imaging System): Specially designed with illuminated ureteral stents that help mitigate the risk of ureteral injuries during complex surgical procedures, promoting safer and more effective results.

Application in Surgical Specialties

• General Surgery: Improves the detection of injuries in the bile and ureteral ducts as well as anastomotic leaks through advanced NIR imaging techniques.

• Urology: Provides superior resolution that helps distinguish anatomical details in environments with poor natural visibility.

• Orthopedics: Specifically advantageous in improving illumination and visualization in the posterior compartments of the body, facilitating better fluid management and resection.

• Gynecology: Improves lighting in deep pelvic surgeries and reduces the risk of ureteral injuries through the use of IRIS.

• ENT (Otorhinolaryngology): Increases color reproduction and illumination within the cavernous sinus, aiding in more precise surgeries.

• Colorectal Surgery: Attempts to reduce the incidence of ureteral injuries and anastomotic leaks, common complications in these procedures.