Sterrad NX


The Sterrad NX is a sterilizer that is an advanced system with a hydrogen peroxide gas plasma system that can run a standard 28-minute cycle.The sterilizer can sterilize a variety of instruments and equipment including; power drills, batteries, cameras, rigid and flexible scopes, and general surgical equipment. The STERRAD NX comes with a touch screen that diagnostic programing. By using hydrogen peroxide gas, you can safely and quickly sterilize medical equipment without leaving any residue.


  • Includes innovative software that allows heightened security, networking, and diagnostic abilities
  • Safe Cassette Collection Box
  • Easy to Load Sterilization Cassette
  • Interactive Touch Screen Interface
  • Sterilization Chamber
  • Thermal Printer
  • Storage Drawer and Pull-Out Station


A sterilizer for all your Department’s Needs

The rapid 28-minute Standard cycle time combined with the dry gentle sterilization process makes the compact STERRAD® NX® the ideal choice for medical device sterilization in every department where rapid instrument turnaround is crucial. STERRAD® NX® raises the standard of care by providing terminally sterile, packaged instruments at hand when you need them.


  • As all other STERRAD® systems, STERRAD® NX® is safe for healthcare professionals, patients, instruments and environments. The process by-products are non-toxic oxygen and water vapor. Requires a simple, standard electrical outlet, which combined with its compact size allows for maximum mobility. No special heat boosters, plumbing, aeration, or ventilation required
  • Includes innovative software that allows heightened security, networking, and diagnostic abilities




  • Height: 83.4 cm (157.7 cm With Cart)
  • Width: 55.9 cm (60.9 cm With Cart)
  • Depth: 80.6 cm (88.8 cm With Cart)
  • Chamber Shape: Rectangular
  • Two-Tiered Shelf: (WxD) 31.2 cm x 59.9 cm
  • Weight: 125 kg (187 kg with Cart)

Total Chamber Volume

  • 51.3 L

Usable chanber Volume

  • 30 L

Two-Tiered Shelf

  • Width: 31.2 cm
  • Depth:59.9 cm



  • ASP recommends mounting your system on the specially designed cart that can be ordered with the STERRAD® NX System or on a countertop that meets specifications.

Electrical Requirements


  • ASingle phase dedicated circuit with dedicated hot and neutral wires. Wire gauge sufficient to maintain 220–240 VAC w/ 10 amp continuous & 20 amp momentary current.

Operational Environment


  • 64°F to 95°F/18°C to 35°C


  • 10% to 85% up to 86°F ambient and linearly decreasing from 85% at 86°F to 70% at 95°F.
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