Condition: Certified Used

Sterrad NX Sterilizer

1. General Description and Technology

  • Advanced Sterilization Technology: The Sterrad NX employs hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology, setting it apart as a sophisticated system capable of performing a standard sterilization cycle in just 28 minutes.
  • Rapid Cycle Capability: This feature optimizes operational efficiency, enabling the quick turnover of sterile medical equipment.

2. Sterilization Capabilities and Applications

  • Broad Instrument Compatibility: The Sterrad NX is capable of sterilizing a wide array of medical instruments, including complex and sensitive devices such as electric drills, batteries, cameras, both rigid and flexible endoscopes, and general surgical equipment.
  • Designed for Sensitive Equipment: Its gentle, dry sterilization process makes it ideal for delicate instruments, ensuring integrity and functionality are maintained.


3. Design Features and User Interface

  • Touchscreen Interface: Facilitates easy programming and diagnostics through an interactive touchscreen interface, enhancing user interaction and simplifying the sterilization process management.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes adjustable audible and visual alarms that enhance operational safety and ensure compliance with safety protocols.

4. Software Innovation and Integration Capacity

  • Diagnostic and Safety Software: Equipped with innovative software that provides advanced safety features, diagnostic capabilities, and networking options to manage operations effectively.
  • Safe Cassette Handling: Features a secure storage for sterilization cassettes, ensuring safe and proper handling of sterilization agents.

5. Technical Specifications and Configuration

  • Dimensions and Weight: Provides detailed measurements including height, width, and depth both with and without the cart, offering clarity on the space requirements for installation.
  • Shelving and Chamber Volume: Describes the two-level shelving and the total and usable volume of the sterilization chamber, helping users understand the device’s capacity.

6. Installation and Operational Requirements

  • Installation Flexibility: Recommendations for system placement on a specially designed cart or a counter that meets technical specifications.
  • Electrical Requirements: Specifies the electrical setup needed, including circuit type and cable gauge, to ensure optimal operation.

7. Operating Environment and Conditions

  • Temperature and Humidity Range: Outlines the environmental conditions under which the Sterrad NX operates effectively, ensuring users are aware of the operational limits and capabilities.

8. Additional Features and Accessories

  • Supplementary Components: Includes details on additional elements such as a thermal printer, a storage drawer, and a removable station, which add value and functionality to the sterilizer.
  • Mobility and Adaptability: Its compact design and reliance on a standard electrical outlet facilitate the device’s mobility and adaptation across various clinical settings without the need for special infrastructure.