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Philips – Brilliance Big Bore (16-32-64-128) slice

Philips – Brilliance Big Bore (16-32-64-128) slice

Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology configuration builds on its AcQsim single-slice CT scanner. The Big Bore Oncology configuration offers oncologists an 85-cm bore that addresses patient positioning concerns and reaps the reward of high-speed, superior spatial resolution, all while providing 16 x 0.75 isotropic imaging.

Philips Brilliance Big Bore 16 Features:

– 85cm bore size to accommodate patients in immobilization devices or with bulky patient monitoring devices.
– 60cm true Scan Field of View (SFOV) to include all patient skin surface; no compromise when using the scan for radiation dose calculations.
– 16-slice per revolution with 2.4cm coverage allows you to cover larger areas in the fastest time.
– Oncology specific tools to increase throughput i.e. full length cursor, oncology protocols.
– CT L.O.C. (Localization On the Console) increases workflow.*
– Respiratory correlated gating with connectivity to third-party gating devices.*
– Patient couch assembly to meet accuracy demands of oncology departments.

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