Medtronic – Treon Stealth station



The Treon® Treatment Guidance System is a hardware platform that enables real-time surgical navigation using radiological patient images. The application software reformats patient-specific CT or MR images acquired before surgery and displays them on-screen from a variety of perspectives (axial, sagittal, coronal, oblique). Prior to operating, the surgeon may then create, store, and simulate progression along one or more surgical trajectories. As an aid to visualization, the surgeon may also create and manipulate one or more 3D models of the anatomy. During surgery, the system tracks the position of specialized surgical instruments in or on the patient anatomy and continuously updates the instrument position on these images.
If desired, the application software can also show how the actual position and path during surgery relate to the pre-surgical plan, and can help guide the surgeon along the planned trajectory. While the surgeon’s judgement remains the ultimate authority, real-time positional information obtained through the Treon® Treatment Guidance System can serve to validate this judgement as well as guide.
This system manual is intended as a reference document for biomedical engineers or other qualified personnel who require familiarity with and details about the Treon® Treatment Guidance System. This manual is not a software usage manual. For complete instructions on using a specific software application, refer to the specific application’s instructions for use (pocket guide).