Karl Storz Image 1 HD

Condition: Certified Used

Storz Image 1 Hub HD System

1. General Overview

  • Model and Manufacturer: The Storz Image 1 Hub HD is the central component of the KARL STORZ FULL HD imaging system.
  • Resolution and Image Quality: With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 and progressive scan, the Camera Control Unit (CCU) ensures lag-free imaging and natural color reproduction.

2. Technical Features and Functionality

  • Superior Image Quality: The unique combination of ease of use and excellent image quality sets a new standard in endoscopic imaging evolution.
  • Documentation and Connectivity:
    • Integrated Documentation: Offers integrated documentation and printing functions to easily record medical procedures.
    • USB Ports: The front and rear USB ports on the CCU allow for simultaneous connection of printers and USB mass storage devices, facilitating the secure export and storage of images and videos.
  • Time Efficiency and Patient Safety: The high image quality combined with ease of use ensures efficient operation and maximum patient safety.

3. Compatibility and Flexibility

  • Universal Compatibility:
    • All IMAGE 1 Camera Heads, whether FULL HD, standard definition, or designed for video endoscopy, can be used with a single IMAGE 1 HUB™ CCU.
    • This allows the system to adapt to a variety of clinical needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
  • Karl Storz Philosophy:
    • KARL STORZ’s philosophy is based on long-term and future-oriented partnerships with customers, providing sustainable and scalable solutions.
    • The ability to use different camera heads with a single HUB maximizes long-term investment and ensures a smooth transition to new technologies.


4. System Components

  • HD Camera Hub:
    • The central control unit of the imaging system, which coordinates the functions of all connected camera heads.
    • Ensures sharp, clear, and naturally colored images.
  • Camera Head:
    • The camera head is interchangeable based on clinical needs, offering flexibility in applications.
    • FULL HD camera heads provide detailed, high-resolution images for advanced endoscopic procedures.
  • SDI and DVI Video Cables:
    • Ensure high-quality video transmission between the camera head and the hub.
    • The SDI cable offers a standard digital transmission method for high-definition video, while the DVI cable provides a direct connection between the camera and monitor.
  • Medical Grade Universal Power Cable:
    • Provides safe and reliable power to the system.

5. Key Advantages of the Storz Image 1 Hub HD

  • Clinical Versatility:
    • Can be used across a variety of medical specialties such as gastroenterology, urology, gynecology, and general surgery.
  • Adaptability to Needs:
    • The ability to connect different camera heads and printing devices makes it an extremely versatile system.
  • Integration with Other Systems:
    • Can integrate with other KARL STORZ imaging systems, creating a comprehensive solution for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Efficient Documentation:
    • The integrated documentation feature allows for easy recording, storing, and sharing of medical images and videos.
  • Future-Proof Design:
    • Designed to accommodate future technological upgrades, providing a long-term investment solution.