General Electric – Logiq F8

The Logiq F8 can also be used for other applications, although it is specifically designed for the urologist. A new BE9CS-RS bi-plane rectal transducer has been added to the system, improving patient comfort and image quality. It is a multipurpose ultrasound imaging system designed for abdominal, obstetric, gynecology, small parts, musculoskeletal, vascular/peripheral vascular, urology, pediatric, transcranial, and cardiac applications.

automatic optimization
Speckle Reduction SRI
4 active probe ports
19″ LCD on an articulating arm
4″ LCD touch screen
More than 1,000 frames or more than 60 seconds of CINE memory (128 MB) depends on FOV, lines of
scan, etc)
Loop storage with automatic optimization
Small footprint